This Starter Course is a great introduction inquiry for you or your staff.  It introduces concepts behind why inquiry is important for all students today so teachers can begin to see their content using a lens of inquiry design. 

Flexible Use of Content – The course can be used as a self-directed course for individuals, or in PD as a group. Chunked into 4 sections it can easily be used at faculty meetings or PD for building community around the ideas as you grow your inquiry culture at your school. Our community guide for school use includes prompts for debriefing on the content together.


The Course Content Includes

  • 18 videos by author of the GID series
  • 1 downloadable writable PDF workbook
  • 10 reflections designed to construct new understandings and connect to practice 
  • 1 article published in Knowledge Quest
  • The GID Framework
  • Actionable takeaways

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