GID Academy

We are very excited to offer a growing menu of GID courses. Our hope is that through the academy, educators across the globe will have access to our high quality professional development for GID implementation in every context. All courses are custom designed by Dr. Leslie Maniotes


Welcome to the GID Academy!

Welcome to the GId Academy! This is an introduction landing course/ page so you can create an account and begin to sign up for our GId Academy courses. In the 4 short videos Dr. Leslie Maniotes welcomes all and provides some basic information about the courses. Thanks for joining the GId Academy. See you soon!


Design Institute

Our top level instructional design course developed at Rutgers University's CISSL summer institutes from 2012-2020, is now available as an online course. Through the GID academy, you can move through content over a month or two weeks, attend with a team, collaboratively design a unit, get coaching and feedback from the author of GId, and so much more. Our gold standard training course earns you 24 hours of contact time and a stellar unit of GId ready to go!


Becoming Information Literate with Dr. Carol Kuhlthau

Learn from a library dignitary, Dr. Carol Kuhlthau (Rutgers researcher known for the Information Search Process). In this course you will learn how information literacy is inextricably embedded in inquiry-based learning and student driven research. Learn strategies for teaching concepts that transfer to any information context. Adopt new mindsets and approaches so your co-teaching will create lasting learning for your students.


GID in Action: Inquiry to Research in STEM

STEM and Guided Inquiry are a perfect pairing. If you are looking to have students overcome misconceptions and construct deep scientific understanding about scientific concepts, using this course will set you on that path. Whether you are looking to beef up the use of a STEM Lab, core science class, or for a science fair project, this course will provide you with clear steps to shift to inquiry learning that will benefit the outcomes for your students as they learn from their own curiosities.


Designing PBL with Inquiry and Research

The “gold standard” for PBL includes "sustained inquiry" as a core foundation. GId is a research backed instructional design for sustained inquiry. Using GId to design your PBL units will give you the compass to guide inquiry in your learning plans. Get the most out of PBL units through inquiry, questioning, and research at just the right time in the process.


Small Tweaks, Big Reward

This is your GId starter course. In it you will uncover deeper learning through inquiry as you investigate why inquiry is important for all our students today, learn some of the basics of Guided Inquiry Design, and apply small tweaks to your practice that will reward you with deeper student learning in your class or school.


Starting the Year Right: Relationships, Objects, and an Inquiry Stance

We all know that learning starts with good relationships. In this course you'll learn a unique strategy for building relationships with your students to start your year right. Course includes 15+ videos and articles of asynchronous content including Guided Inquiry Design best practice you can count on. Course includes a companion workbook for reflection and step by step implementation and extension ideas. 1 contact hour certificate awarded at the completion of the course.

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Level 1: Coaching & Leading the GID work

In this course participants work directly with Dr. Leslie Maniotes to learn how to lead the required shifts for inquiry based learning and using Guided Inquiry Design in the K-12 setting. As all things GId, the course moves from research to practice and supports GId leaders (often the school librarian) to coach the required shift for robust implementation. This course is open to invited participants only. Prerequisites include the GId Institute and a recommendation from district school leadership.