Guided Inquiry Design Articles

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Over the years of working with educators and GId, we have learned a tremendous amount about implementation. We have been able to explore timely topics and have expanded our thinking. Here are some selected articles that extend what we know about GId in K-12 schools.

December 2020: Designing Inquiry for Remote Learning

by Leslie Maniotes

March 2020: Linking librarians, inquiry learning, and information literacy

by Keith Curry Lance and Leslie Maniotes

June 2019: Assessing Inquiry: Learning in the Library Is Learning for Life

by Leslie Maniotes  

February 2019: Getting to Great Questions for Inquiry and Research

by Leslie Maniotes  

April 2018: Building a Culture for Learner Voice and Choice Through Inquiry

by Kathryn Roots Lewis, Shirley Simmons, and Leslie Maniotes  

February 2017: Doubling Up: Authentic Vocabulary Development Through the Inquiry Process

by Leslie Maniotes and Anita Cellucci

April 2017: A Journey of Evolution and Reflection: From Conferencing to Video Screencasts for Learning Through Inquiry

by Leslie Maniotes & Anita Cellucci

January 2016: Inquiry Ideas – Getting Started with Guided Inquiry

by Leslie Maniotes

March 2016: Inquiry Ideas – Are we There Yet?

by Leslie Maniotes

May 2016: Inquiry Ideas – Three Ways to Differentiate in Inquiry

by Leslie Maniotes

June 2016: Intentional Inquiry – Vision, Persistence, and Relationships

by Leslie Maniotes

November 2014: Making The Shift From Traditional Research Assignments to Guiding Inquiry Learning

by Leslie Maniotes & Carol Kuhlthau

November 2013: Stick-to-itiveness

by Leslie Maniotes

November 2013: Inquiry Inspires Original Research

by Carol C. Kuhlthau

January 2010: Building Guided Inquiry Teams for 21st-Century Learners

by Leslie Maniotes & Carol Kuhlthau

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