GID Awards

Sara Jaffarian 2021 School Library Program Award

The Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award for Exemplary Humanities Programming recognizes excellence in humanities programming in libraries that serve children in grades K-8. Using the Guided Inquiry Design® Framework, Shawnee Middle School eighth graders connected local Oklahoma history to contemporary events by evaluating conflicts made through assumptions. Learn More

Barbara Spriestersbach Award

Guided Inquiry Designed Unit – The Tulsa Race Massacre. The Award was presented to Heather DeShazer and Morgan Schaefer for their collaborative work with their librarian Carol Jones on the unit. The award was presented by the Oklahoma School Librarians in 2022.

Harford County Recognition of Outstanding Curriculum Award

(2014) Sarah Scholl and her team (Maryland) attended the Rutger’s GID Summer Institute in 2014. The unit they designed there, won the district’s Outstanding Curriculum award. Challenge and Change Unit

AASL Collaboration Award

Guided Inquiry Designed Brotherhood Unit – Carver Middle School Chesterfield County, VA

AASL Collaboration Award

Amanda Hurley, recognized GID practitioner, trained at the Rutgers CISSL Summer Institute extends her practice of GID in this award winning unit. Amanda is the recipient of the 2021 American Association of School Librarians’ (AASL) Collaborative School Library Award. Learn More

SLJ Librarian of the Year finalist

Anita Cellucci, Westborough High School, Mass (2016) School Librarian of the year finalist, Anita Cellucci included Guided Inquiry Design® as part of her program to create a more empathetic community at her high school. Learn More