Join Author Leslie Maniotes for a Three Day Institute on Instructional Design for Inquiry


Based on the extensive research of Dr. Carol Kuhlthau, Guided Inquiry Design provides a visionary, constructivist approach to addressing standards based learning goals for developing students as reflective learners in the process of seeking, evaluating and using a variety of sources of information.


History Colorado Center, Denver, Colorado Jan 15-17, 2020


Institute includes:

• Your copy of Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School (2012)

• Workshop notebook

• Cafe Catered breakfast with DazBog coffee and teas and a gourmet deli lunch everyday

• Team design time with all templates and materials in digital and paper format

• Coaching from author/expert

• Unique tour of the History CO Zoom In: The Centennial State in 100 objects exhibition

• Access to all exhibits of the History Colorado Center after workshop hours


Participant Outcomes:

• Learn the Guided Inquiry Design Process

• Immerse in the concepts and model using best practices for learning

• Create a unit for deep learning of your content through inquiry and research

• Collaborate with colleagues

• Implement meaningful technology integration

• Design learning experiences that increase student engagement

• Learn strategies for implementation

• See modeled examples in action

• Apply assessments and tools for learning

• Apply a research based process with best practice


Past Participants have said:

“The biggest success I have had with Guided Inquiry is the level of student engagement I’ve seen. It’s amazing what can happen when kids are in charge of their own learning. Kids who might normally be passive come alive with interest. I’ll try anything once to get there with my students, but Guided Inquiry has worked over and over again.”



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