These are free archived versions of live webinars.

Since 2012, Leslie has been presenting free webinars  in the edWeb.net community. Follow the links below to access these high quality professional development sessions on Guided Inquiry Design. edWeb is a non-profit professional learning network for exceptional educators, decision-makers, and influencers who are on the leading edge of innovation in education.

Pulling It All Together

Watch our session from the prestigious Smithsonian Education Summit (July 2022) to hear about an exemplary unit of STEAM inquiry, including scientific experimentation, the GID phases, and Smithsonian resources embedded into the process.


Leslie’s EdWeb webinars made the top 25 webinars of 2013. 

Level Up! Boost Literacy with Inquiry-Based Vocabulary Instruction

Dr. Leslie Maniotes shows how to unlock the power of curiosity in all learners. This webinar integrates History and Language Arts to explore how to embed literacy learning and curiosity in inquiry based research projects.

GID with Leslie Maniotes [Podcast]

In this episode, we are speaking with Leslie Maniotes, one of the authors of Guided Inquiry Design® – A Framework for Inquiry in Your School.

Creating Curious Inquirers

Nothing motivates students more than their own curiosity! Inquiry-based learning gives K-12 students voice and choice in learning that sparks deeper understanding and engagement. Dr. Leslie Maniotes, author and senior consultant from BLV Consulting, in this edWebinar, introduces you to Guided Inquiry Design (GID), a research-backed instructional design for inquiry-based learning founded at Rutgers University.

Guided Inquiry Design® in Action

Leslie describes some tried and true examples of successful Guided Inquiry Design® in Action from the past ten years and as represented in our newest GID in Action books. You will leave this session with ways that you can get students to ask their own interesting questions for research.

Guided Inquiry Design® and the Common Core

Guided Inquiry Design is based on researched principles of learning that include a powerful way to accomplish the Common Core. This session will inspire you with a learning centered approach to meet the CCSS.

Research with Rigor

How do you ensure that your students achieve the rigor necessary to attain college and career readiness through an inquiry based approach? In this webinar Leslie explores how inquiry can be carefully and purposely guided to attain the highest level of rigor and research using Guided Inquiry Design® while students are asking the questions.

Inquiry Tools for Learning How to Learn

Guided Inquiry Design® includes a comprehensive set of tools embedded through the inquiry process. These research based tools have multiple functions. They are used to help students become aware of how they learn through inquiry and, at the same time, give teachers a formative assessment of the learning.

Inquiry Circles: Collaborative Learning in Guided Inquiry

Learning how to collaborate is an essential skill for college and workforce readiness. How are we engaging students to meaningfully collaborate? In this webinar you can see a model for how to implement Inquiry Circles for small group discussion and collaboration through inquiry learning.

Off to a Great Start!: 5 Strategies for opening Guided Inquiry Design® units

How you begin a unit of inquiry can make or break participation, engagement and student motivation to learn.  Join author Leslie Maniotes to learn 5 engaging ways to get you off to a great start!  Through this webinar learn to kickoff inquiry units using openings that will invite students to learn, grow their curiosity, support student questioning, and build a community of learners.

Sharing the Learning of Inquiry

This webinar provided examples of unique and exciting ways to showcase inquiry learning for the “Share phase.” Here are numerous examples from the field that describe a school-wide approach and across grades K-12. Examples of inquiry products were shared as well as connections to both ELA CCSS and NCSS for cross-curricular collaborations with the school librarian.

Getting Started with Guided Inquiry

Get started by learning some strategies for inquiry that will change and sustain learning in your school- concrete strategies including programmatic systems, long- and short-term planning as well as connections and tweaks to your current instructional practice.