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by | Feb 23, 2024

Inquiry and Great Questions

23 educators, 10 school librarians, 9 collaborative teams, 7 states, 9 units of study, a ‘million’ great ideas!

This Thursday the Winter Cohort of the EQuIP grant concluded their 6 week intensive GID training with a Share out Session. Teams shared out their hard work, creative ideas, and inquiry inspirations with other teams also going through the training.  


We started six weeks ago with a kick off zoom that set the stage for the work ahead. Teams from California, North Dakota, Oklahoma(2), Kansas, Missouri, Virginia, New Jersey(2) attended  with a desire to increase inquiry learning, teacher librarian collaborations and learn about the powerful structure of the Guided Inquiry Design Framework. 


Each team came to the training with a unique idea of a unit that they wanted to revise, revamp or improve or something brand new that they were creating from scratch. The units ranged from subjects of history, (state and US) Culture and Identity, science- Anatomy and physiology, and Language Arts- innovation and change, global goals, perspective, and community. 


Over the six weeks, teams learned in the online course and worked together to learn about the GID Framework, the research that backs the design, and all the necessary how to’s. Each team (school librarian and teacher) collaboratively design their unit from start to finish. 


Multiple design coaching sessions with Dr. Leslie Maniotes, the co-author of Guided Inquiry Design with Dr. Carol Kuhlthau and Ann Caspari, provided check points for the learning to keep teams motivated and in line with the core principles of the Guided Inquiry Design framework approach. 


The training ended where we began, as an inquiry community, coming together to share and provide feedback.  Teams shared their units and we all celebrated the hard work. After sharing and providing feedback to other teams, participants wrote in the zoom chat something they learned from others in this time of sharing.  


While this is in no way all the things learned here are some ideas from this cohort of the institute.  We hope this inspires you. If you would like to participate in a GID Institute there are opportunities to do so. Visit the site. It’s a wonderful rich collaborative learning experience that sets you up for success with inquiry learning at your school! 


We are still taking applications for participation in the Summer cohort taking place August 1-9, 2024. This opportunity is paid in full by the EQuIP grant funding. Follow the link to apply.


GREAT IDEAS from our Winter EQuIP Cohort

    • Love using Flipgrid as a reflective / evaluation tool
    • One team created a customized Google site website pathfinder for resources that take students from an Exploratory search into a Comprehensive search was amazing
    • How to do research in ELA without using literature as the basis
    • Permission to use small groups to share!! (Rather than everyone always sharing to the whole class)
    • Bringing in community leaders to speak to and inspire the kids (or give the kids someone to question)
    • Wonderful reflection questions for students to think about their growth at the end of a unit
    • Resources – https://www.icivics.org/games/neighborhood-good
    • Using physical artifacts/objects for a gallery walk.
    • I’m thinking more and more about helping students share authentically.
    • Bringing in stakeholders (other classes, admin, etc.) to view final projects. The hard work deserves to be showcased for all.
    • Interdisciplinary texts (using literature in a history class to explore culture and identity). So genius!

The Winter EQuIP cohort was generously funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, #RE-14-19-0001-19 along a research study by Dr. Lucy Santos-Green, University of Iowa.  

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