Inquiry Learning is a Life Skill

by | Nov 14, 2023

Teachers REDESIGNING research assignments using Guided Inquiry Design in the Guided Inquiry Design Institute.

Some teachers say that they don’t assign research projects because their students just copy from the Internet or would just use ChatGTP.

People use information in all aspects of their everyday lives. Because of this, in school research projects are even more important than ever.

We don’t need to dismiss research. What it needs is an overhaul in design. We can redesign research assignments so that there is no way AI could possibly craft the student response.

If, for example, students are asking a question of their own, one that is truly a personal interest, then AI couldn’t possibly provide the response. You would know, in an instant, if that was AI or the student’s voice.

Students need more and more practice finding their voice, speaking about topics that are important to them. Inquiry-based research provides them with that kind of learning, the needed practice in thinking about their interests, and the life skills of learning from information. Guided Inquiry Design provides teachers with the structures needed to do this K-12.

Research is no longer just an academic skill; it is a life skill.

Leslie Maniotes

Through inquiry and student-led research our students will effectively learn to find, evaluate and use information. This is called information literacy.

Highly qualified (school) librarians are experts in information literacy. They are truly essential partners to teachers in guiding inquiry and student research. They are experts at helping students locate evaluate and use important information to learn. Using GID teachers alongside librarians create award winning units of study. These have been recognized by national, local and state organizations!

Proud GID Team L>R Carol Jones (librarian), Cherity Pennington (District Library Leader) & Teachers Heather DeShazer & Morgan Schaefer from Shawnee OK GID wins Barbara Spriestersbach Award

Ethical use of information is also important. In Guided Inquiry Design students present their own ideas and cite the ideas they have borrowed from others. The Guided Inquiry team (teachers along with the school librarian) coaches students in ethical use of information throughout the process from Open to Create.

Students soon learn that plagiarism is not clever, acceptable, or wise. They learn how to do their own work, deepen their own learning, and create a unique and personal perspective as well as an innovative way to share what they learn. Through inquiry they find their voice and learn to express themselves while referring back to other’s ideas

Jefferson County KY School’s presentation at the American Association for School Librarians

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