Shifting Teaching and Learning Mindsets

How Gulliver Prep leverages GID strategies to align ed tech, information specialists, and educators and foster effective, research-based learning experiences for its students.

School Profile

Gulliver Prep is an independent, Prk-12 school home to three campuses, 350 faculty, and 2,100 students in the greater Miami-Dade metro area. With its history of educational innovation and transformation, information literacy is vital to student success.


The Challenge

After a full curriculum audit, Gulliver Prep’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction identified that, while research was taking place across all campuses and grade levels, there was no consistent framework to anchor research exercises and the Information Search Process school wide.

Research skills across all disciplines were happening in isolation and at the discretion of the individual grade level, department, and teacher. The recommendation by an outside audit was to align a research framework schoolwide and give the responsibility to the information specialists (librarians and tech teachers), already collaborating with teachers and leading the information literacy initiative, to train both students and teachers on how to develop and transfer good research habits in a K-12 learning environment.

The school wanted a way to ensure that every one of their graduates would be information literate upon graduation, and they understood that their current model and inconsistent use of a single research framework would not allow them to quantify this initiative. This inconsistency in the curriculum did not allow students to build a clear understanding of what research is, what strategies help them when researching, how to use the resources or library, or even how to learn from information as a stepping stone to providing new ideas, concepts and solutions.

These were all skills that were essential for Gulliver Prep graduates to take with them as they ventured off into the next chapter of their academic careers and lives. 


GID Approach & Solution

After researching possible frameworks for inquiry, it was determined that the GID framework would provide the needed structure and support to teachers and students alike. The GID Institute was then used to help the information specialists, ETIS team members and collaborating teachers come together to learn, design units of study for implementation. Teams of teachers alongside their ETIS partners tested the units out, problem solved challenges and began onboarding more teams in strategic areas across the curriculum. Teams of teachers attended the GID Institute with their ETIS team members. Teams were made up of school based collaborating colleagues such as teachers teaching the same content or at the same grade level, the school librarian and the technology teachers.



  • After 4 years of training, incremental implementation in different subject areas, and growing teachers’ knowledge of the GID process and framework, Gulliver Prep has 18 units firmly in place in the program. They continue to grow implementation with expanded training. 
  • Teachers are collaborating more effectively across disciplines to enhance the student learning experience.  
  • Students say the process is a valuable support to creating better projects and increased learning about their interests.
  • Students have also reported that they feel more confident in their abilities to research and cite their sources accurately.

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At a Glance


  • Programmatic implementation as part of the organization’s strategic plan with qualitative and quantitative results.
  • High student engagement and positive feedback
  • Educator buy-in to launch GID more broadly 
  • Consistent research framework has been adopted school-wide and a common vocabulary has been established around student led research and information literacy
  • Students now enter each consecutive grade with a common understanding of the research process. This has allowed our school to continue to build upon what was started the year before all the way up the grades K-12.

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