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This course was originally designed for the NASM Teacher Innovator Institute.

STEM content and Guided Inquiry are a perfect pairing.  Whether you are looking to beef up the use of a STEM Lab, have a greater impact on standards based learning in a core science class, or if you want all your students to come up with their own original experiment to work on science practices or for a science fair project, this course will provide you with clear steps for using inquiry to inform the research process.

Join us here to enhance your understanding and use of inquiry. Use our research backed process (Guided Inquiry Design) to increase student outcomes as they learn from their own curiosities and do their own research.

There’s lots to learn here! 2 hours of PD will inspire your practice.

Dr. Leslie Maniotes, author of Guided Inquiry Design is ready to guide your learning!
This course is an asynchronous course with

• 5 course sections
• More than 15 videos of content
• Digital workbook (writable or print the PDF)
• NGSS aligned concepts chart (download)
• Digital Template for Unit planning
• Links to real world examples from the GID blog

You’ll hear from teachers who explain how GID helped their students overcome scientific misconceptions and construct deep scientific understanding.

By the end, you’ll be ready to build your own unit from students’ curiosities about the topics in science that you teach.

Work at your own pace as you set goals, reflect on your practice, and make connections in the course workbook to a unit you are planning to implement.

For teams looking to design a unit together, each member can take the course independently, taking down their own reflections and ideas in the course workbook.  Then, join together with your teammates and use the template provided to design from scratch or revamp a past unit.